Here is a chance to change your relationship with YOU

You’re not Alone…
Millions of people world over are struggling to lose weight and get a better control on their health and life. People like you, around the world have tried diet after diet, but still haven’t been able to shed those extra Kilos. Your desire to be thinner and healthier is our desire too ……with us YOU LOSE TO GAIN.

Fitness Highway, a holistic weight loss center founded by Dr. Bhavana Shah in 2007, has created exclusive weight-loss programs, to assist you in getting rid of your excess weight Swiftly, Safely, and Sensibly.

We have four weight-loss centers in Mumbai and one in Pune. All our branches in Mumbai are “Ladies-Only” center.

Why we stand apart?

We understand that reaching and retaining a healthy weight is different to different people and the path to reach there is as unique as you. Hence, all our weight loss programs are designed to help you participate in your daily life with stronger body, mind, and spirit.

Doctor’s Approval: All our centers have in-house doctors, committed to the safety and wellness of our clients. Each weight-loss program begins and ends with the examination and approval of our doctors. Weight-loss chart of each session is monitored tightly throughout the program.

Dietician Advised: Your diet plans are created by certified dieticians to ensure that you get the right nutrition required during your weight-loss program. The diets are so planned that you do not feel food deprived.

Counselor Available: Our counsellors, also called wellness coaches help you to design or select the right weight-loss program to achieve your target.

Individual Approach: From our wide range of Signature and Associated services, you have the flexibility to choose or create a program which suits your body type and budget.

At Dr. Bhavana Shah’s Fitness Highway, we create “The New Woman”.