Our Staff

For you to experience a smooth service and weight loss, we have a team of professionals to help you reach your goal. All our centres have doctors, certified counsellors, assistants and Wellness coaches. They work together to deliver what we promise you.



All our centers have a consulting doctor, who conduct a complete physical examination before and after the program. They work along with the counsellors and assistants to ensure a healthy and safe weight loss of our clients. The doctors:

  • Examine suitability of our weight loss program for each client
  • Check medical history and other related reports of the client
  • Perform physical examination before and after the weight loss
  • Answer queries of the clients


Fitness Highway’s certified assistants help you at each stage of weight loss. They are well trained to handle all our weight loss equipment and technologies as well as other procedures followed during a typical weight loss regime. The assistants will:

  • Monitor BP and pulse rate
  • Help with pre and post session weight-check, measurements
  • Operate weight loss machines according to client’s physical requirements
  • Perform massages or other processes typical of weight loss session
  • Be your companion throughout the session


Fitness Highway counsellors are there to help you sail through the weight loss journey smoothly. They guide you towards developing healthy food habits and making healthy changes in your lifestyle. They act as your mentor throughout the program. They work closely with the center assistants to make sure you reach your goal in targeted time. The counsellors will:

  • Provide you one-to-one support
  • Supervise and monitor weight loss progress
  • Offer continuous counselling all through the program
  • Provide behavioral guidance and motivation to reach your goal


Our certified dieticians help you to carve out a diet plan, which is flexible and healthy and does not make you sacrifice your social life. They consider your tastes, eating habits and liking before planning you diet chart. Their aim is to see you achieve your target effortlessly and develop intelligent eating habits to maintain your right weight long after the program. Our dieticians will:

  • Provide nutritional guidance
  • Help develop intelligent diet plans for weight loss
  • Change diet plans according to your body requirement or suitability
  • Work closely with counsellors and assistants to monitor weight loss