Message from Human Assets Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this page. It is apparent that your interest in health and fitness as a career is worthy of praise because today, health is one of the biggest issues in the country with mounting medical costs. Preventive health care will therefore hold the key to all future endeavours in enhancing the well-being of the Indian population.

On behalf of Dr. Bhavana Shah Fitness Care Pvt. Ltd., I welcome you to participate in this sunrise industry. Any normal job would give you the satisfaction of a decent salary, nice colleagues, conducive workplace and hopefully, a progressive career path. You will have all these at our company. But in addition, you will have the satisfaction that goes beyond what any normal job would entail. You would be playing a vital role in tangibly contributing to the good health of the people with whom you would be interacting in various capacities outside the confines of our Company.

Dr. Bhavana Shah Fitness Care Pvt. Ltd. is an acknowledged leader in health maintenance matters. The career excitement lies both within and outside the organization. You could be dealing in multifarious areas - depending on your skill sets. You could be selling weight management products; you could be demonstrating how to use the products effectively; you may be on the product support team ensuring that the product delivers peak performance again and again at the client's side; perhaps you may like to render advice to clients on health issues and diets; if your talent lies elsewhere, you will be controlling distribution to ensure that your trade channels get the products on time, every time.

The opportunities at Dr. Bhavana Shah Fitness Care Pvt. Ltd. are mind-boggling. All you need to do is to get in touch with our Human Assets Division. They will gauge your skills and experience and see how and where you will best fit in the organization.

On my part, I as the mentor of Human Assets in this organization, will ensure that you have the best career environment one can have.

Best wishes,
Shaunak Shah
Company Director & Mentor - Human Assets

Dr. Bhavana Shah