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Dr Bhavana Shah is a firm believer in “Knowledge has no value unless you use and share it”. Her desire to spread wellness education, has resulted into creating one-of-its-kind courses for wellness sector, and is currently offered by a special skills development educational institute – Skills Factory Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Bhavana Shah’s extensive research and experience in the area of wellness, weight loss, obesity control, toning, and firming has helped immensely in the creation of following one-off courses:

Certification Course in Nutrition and Dietetics

A comprehensive course providing understanding of food composition and their effects on human body. You are trained to design and recommend diet plans to achieve specific health and fitness objectives. A highly in-demand profession with the flexibility of part-time or full-time job option. We provide:

  • Training Centre with ultra-modern facilities
  • Working knowledge of weight loss machines
  • Easy-to-understand training material
  • Work with certified dieticians to learn client handling
  • Knowledge of planning diet charts for clients with medical problems
  • Assistance in placement up to one and a half year
  • Option of weekdays and weekend batches

Course Duration: 60 hours (Theory classes-30, Practical sessions- 15)

Our students are currently working as independent consultants, diet planner for Sportsfacility, hospitals, hotels, corporates, fitness centers, gyms, slimming centers, and weight loss clinics.


Certification Course in Obesity Control and Weight Management

With obesity and overweight becoming an epidemic, there is a rapid increase in the number of weight loss centers to cover the demand gap. Demand for such experts is growing phenomenally. Pune and Mumbai alone needs around 40,000 weight loss experts. This course provides you with the understanding of complex and multi-variable nature of obesity and its consequences. You learn to manage weight loss through diet, machines and behavioural guidance. We provide:

  • Training to design right program for different clients according to their body needs
  • Training on Usage and benefits of different weight loss machine
  • Training on Psychological aspects of obese and overweight patients
  • Knowledge to prepare comprehensive obesity management plan for individuals
  • Ultra-modern training center
  • Real-life practical conducted by experts
  • Assistance in placement up to one and a half year
  • Option of weekdays and weekend batches

Course Duration: 60 hours (Theory classes-30, Practical sessions- 15)

Most of our Certificate holders currently working in weight loss clinics, spas, hospitals, fitness centers, cruise liners or have started their own centers.


Certification Course in Practical Massage Therapy

A one-of-its-kind course where you learn different types and techniques of massages practiced world over. You can start practicing in six weeks! We provide:

  • Training on weight loss massages, sports massages and more
  • Option of weekdays and weekend batches
  • Learn 11 kinds of therapeutic massages
  • Easy to understand course material
  • Practical training under guidance of experts
  • Assistance in placement up to one and a half year

Course Duration: 80 hours (Theory classes-40, Practical sessions- 40)

Our Certificate holders currently working as Massage Therapists in Spas, Fitness Centres, Beauty Parlours, Hospitals. Well-paying openings available in Sports Massage and Corporate Chair Massage areas. You have the option of starting your own independent practice.


Certified Wellness Coach

The course includes a complete training on consultation, communication, administration, management , marketing and Office IT skills to work as a counsellor in health industry. A high demand and fulfilling job for people who like to help others. We provide:

  • Management training to manage your own business
  • Training for developing Wellness Profiler - a unique, systematic method of scientifically analyzing a patient’s requirement
  • Training on usage and benefits of ultra-modern weight loss equipment
  • Easy-to-understand course material
  • Real life case studies explained by established industry experts
  • Assistance in placement up to one and a half year
  • 6-weeks live-project

Course Duration: 60 hours (Theory cum practical classes- 40)

Our Certificate holders manage slimming centers, gyms, beauty parlours, weight Loss centers, Clubs, and more.


Certification in Wellness Centre Management

This course equips you with all the managerial training required to either start your own business or work as a center manager. The course trains you in advertising & marketing, recruitment & HRD, facility management, operations, inventory and maintenance management. We provide:

  • Specialized training in center management
  • Training to manage day-to-day center operations
  • Management of working capital and other aspect of business
  • Easy-to-understand course material
  • Assistance in placement up to one and a half year
  • Assistance to set up your own business as our franchise or independently

Course Duration: 80 hours (Theory cum practical classes-40)

Our Certificate holders have opportunities to work as Centre Manager at slimming centers, health clubs and recreation clubs. You can also be an entrepreneur, or become a Corporate Consultant for weight management programs.



The certifications are awarded jointly by Research Institute of Health Sciences and Management (RIHSM) and Skills Factory Learning after successful completion of the course. Research Institute of Health Sciences and Management is the education wing of the 81-year old RashtriyaShikshan Mandal, a venerable institution, which also established Ayurved Rasashala, (one of the oldest institutions in the country for ayurvedic medicine.)

Certification by RIHSM is highly valued and is the passport to a highly progressive and well-paying career.

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