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Need assistance related to our services and products? Our Helpdesk is here to render all possible help.

Suggestions, Grievances

We welcome your suggestions. We will also give a patient hearing to your grievance, if any. Because we feel that any feedback, good or adverse, is for our own good and we fully respect your views. We will try our best to resolve any issue that may arise.


If you have any suggestions on service or product improvement, please let us know. We will try to incorporate your suggestion in our next service or product release. Should you have any query regarding the service rendered or the usage of any product, we shall be glad to answer your question. Please use the form given here.


We believe in providing the best possible service. We also believe in delivering excellent quality products. So we would be concerned if we receive a grievance about the service or product. It would be our endeavour to see that any service not upto the required standards or any manufacturing defect be addressed to the satisfaction of the customer. If you have a complaint, please fill in the form on this page giving details. We shall be happy to attend to it.


In order to weed out fictitious, anonymous and vexatious complaints and cater to genuine complaints in an expeditious manner, there is a process of identity and product/service verification. Fitness Highway earnestly requests your cooperation to comply with the verification process. Fitness Highway reserves the right to legally proceed against anyone making false, anonymous or vexatious complaints on this website or on any other medium.

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