Inch Loss Procedures

Many of us do not fall in overweight category but due to age, body wear and tear, or lifestyle preferences may end up with a disproportionate body. In such cases, inch reduction is a very good choice as it helps you lose fat deposits from your tummy, hips, thighs, upper arm, back, and other areas.

At DrBhavana Shah Fitness Highway, you can combine our Signature programs with other advance weight loss techniques and services to create a unique Inch-loss package suiting your body requirement or you can just use the single procedure. The technology and services used for inch loss are:

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Fitness Tips
  • Before you start on a diet, make a note of the quantity of each item you eat and drink. If you are going to cut down on your diet, you must know where you stand before commencing.
  • Consuming less salt can help you control your diet. Eat boiled vegetables without seasoning. Adding tomato to boiled vegetables adds sourness to the dish and gives taste. Slight searing of the vegetable also imparts a salty taste and you can dispense with salt or reduce it drastically.
  • Craving for something sweet? Add a few pomegranate seeds to your salad. (Keep away from pineapple cubes!)
  • Eat watermelon. It fills your stomach without adding many calories.